CubeDance Privacy Policy

Last updated 5 Mar 2024

0. Overview

This policy outlines the extent of data collection and use involved with providing the CubeDance service. The service has been designed in order to attempt to minimize collection of data where reasonable in order to protect user privacy.

I. Purpose of Data Collection and Use

The game collects user information as necessary to provide functionality; to aid with feature development and planning; to aid with diagnostics; to collect, monitor, and share analytics; to aid with business development; to monitor usage; to aid with future feature planning and implementation, and to ensure the security and integrity of the game.

II. Data collected

Web traffic

HTTP requests to the server may be logged and stored, including information such as:


Upon completion of a game, a variety of data may be collected, including information such as:


Additional information may be collected when you create and use an account, including:

Feedback and suggestions

By providing feedback and/or suggestions about the game through any medium, it may be used to achieve the goals in section I above.

III. Usage of the data

The data may be processed, aggregated, distributed, sublicensed, transferred, and otherwise used as needed for the objectives outlined in section I above.

IV. Publishing of user-generated content

User-submitted content, such as gameplay, gameplay metadata, and identification information may be shared with other users by the service in order to provide functionality or for other purposes outlined in section I above.

V. Data enrichment

Any data collected according to this policy may be combined with or processed with context from data from other sources, as well as transferred to third parties, for the purposes defined in section I above.

VI. Managing your account

Functionality is provided to conveniently delete your account, which deletes account-related data and disassociates linked games.

VII. Terms

See the Terms of Service (link) for additional information about how data is used.

VIII. Revision

This policy may be updated, possibly without warning to you, as, for example, business needs and the requirements of the service change. You warrant that you will check this page frequently in order to understand any changes. By continuing to use the services after this policy is updated, you agree to be bound by the updated policy.